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During combat, players can equip their hand slot a shield, to protect them from incoming attacks. Like attacking, shields can block directionally via holding down right-mouse in the direction of the attack. Pressing Q, or Kick, can stagger someone who is shielded, leaving an opening for an attack.

Controls[edit | edit source]

[Left Mouse] - Basic Attack with main-hand weapon

[Right Mouse] - Block

[Left + Right Mouse] - Shield Bash Attack

[Q] - Kick to drop enemy shielding

Changelog v. Alpha[edit | edit source]

– Introduced the arm’s endurance for blocking with shield which tells how many attacks can be blocked until the arm gets numb; when it happens, you can’t block with a shield for some time and have to block directionally like when using 1-handed weapon without a shield; this feature has been added to improve the combat balance which was disturbed by the shield meta – intentionally we haven’t added destroying the shields during combat because it would be exploitable and would force players to carry many shields in their inventory to replace damaged shields in the middle of the fight

– Added shield’s resistance parameter which determines how many attacks you can block with specific shield until the arm will get numb

– Added shield attack which stuns the enemy if they don’t block and staggers blocking targets (the same stagger which is applied when the enemy blocks your weak attack) – to attack with a shield, press LMB while holding block

Pic Name Pic Name Pic Name
Black-Guards-Shield.png Black Guard's Shield (New) Kite-shield.png Kite Shield Scratched-Ferruled-Shield.png Scratched Ferruled Shield
Clan Shield icon1.jpg Clan Shield Tournament-Shield-New-Icon.png Knight's Shield (New) Scratched-kite-shield.png Servant's Shield (New)
Deserters-Shield.png Deserter's Shield (New) Mamluks-Shield.png Mamluk's Shield (New) Simple Clan Shield Icon.jpg Simple Clan Shield (Old)
Metal-rimmed Round Shield.png Faris' Shield (New) Metal-rimmed-Cavalryman's-Shield-icon.jpg Metal-rimmed Cavalryman's Shield Soldiers-Shield.png Soldier's Shield (New)
Footmans-shield.png Footman's Shield Clan Shield icon.jpg Metal-rimmed Clan Shield (Old) Styrsmans-shield.png Styrsman's Shield (New)
Guardsmans-Shield.png Guardsman's Shield (New) Metal-rimmed-footmans-shield.png Metal-rimmed Footman's Shield Tournaments-Shield.png Tournament Shield (New)
Heavy Horseman's Shield Icon.jpg Heavy Horseman's Shield (Old) Metal-rimmed-Horseman's-Shield-icon.jpg Metal-rimmed Horseman's Shield [img] Volunteer's Shield (New)
Hersirs-Shield.png Hersir's Shield (New) Metal-rimmed-kite-shield.png Metal-rimmed Kite Shield Veles-Shield.png Veles' Shield (New)
Horsemans-shield.png Horseman's Shield Metal-rimmed Round Shield.png Metal-rimmed Round Shield Wanderers-Shield.png Wanderer's Shield (New)
Simple-shield.png Jagged Metal-rimmed Shield Mouldy Metal-rimmed Shield.png Mouldy Metal-rimmed Shield [img] Warsinger's Shield (New)
Karleonian-Shield.png Karleonian Shield (New) Simple Clan Shield Icon.jpg Nomad's Shield (New) Wooden-Shield.png Wooden Shield

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