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Glory[edit | edit source]

The Glory system is the PvP / PvE player ranking System that marks the player’s Glory score on the chart. Every Thursday, glory is converted into contribution points to use at glory vendors, based on the player’s position and ranking on the glory chart. Press F2 by default to open the glory window. Defeating enemies, completing events, and claiming locations earns Glory Points. Killing players of the enemy faction can give the most glory, which can reach far beyond the daily glory cap of 10,000 Glory Points.

Reputation[edit | edit source]

Reputation Ranking System
Tier Rank Buff Passive Effect
Reputation-honoured.jpg Honoured
  • 10% Experience
Reputation-legend.jpg Legend
  • 10% Experience
  • 10% Chance Bonus Loot
Reputation-lord.jpg Lord
  • 10% Experience
  • 10% Chance Bonus Loot
  • +3 Respawn Time

Unlike glory, reputation tracks the player’s alignment to their faction. Reputation is gained through various events, including PvP as well, or killing members of one’s own faction by turning friendly fire on. Reputation can mark the player’s friendly and traitor status. If player loses reputation dropping to -1000 or below, that player is exiled from their nation and sent to traitor island if they die. Reputation ranks increase by the amount of reputation one acquire. Maximum reputation is 27,050 reputation points. In the character window, the player’s total and daily reputation are displayed, (current/max). These are the following reputation ranks.

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